Congratulations on completing your treatment! You are now ready to enjoy your beautiful new smile. The next phase involves wearing a retainer, which is crucial for maintaining your smile’s perfect alignment.

Consistent retainer wear, as recommended by Dr. Thian Srisurapol, will keep your smile beautiful. To support you, we created the Smile Protection program.

Benefits of the Smile Protection Program

At Premier Orthodontics, we understand that retainers are vital for the continued success of your new smile. The Smile Protection program helps you by:

  • Covering lost or damaged clear retainers.
  • No fee to replace retainers that do not fit due to dental work completed within three months of removing braces.
  • This includes: You will receive two (one) sets of clear Essix retainers every 12 months for five years. Hawley retainers are available at an extra cost. Additional retainers will have a copay of $50 each.
  • Digital scans are saved in our system, so we can get you new retainers without needing additional appointments for impressions. Just give us a call

The Smile Protection program lasts five years to ensure your smile retains its proper positioning. For more information about this program or to sign up, contact our team at 425-868-7770 today! We will be happy to discuss details of the program with you and help you make an appointment with our orthodontist in Redmond, Washington.

Please note:

  • There is an option for patients with limited treatment to buy in.
  • Additional retainers may incur a small fee.
  • There is also an option to purchase retainers in bulk, which include 4 sets of “4 uppers and 4 lowers” if you need more. If you are interested, contact us for more information.
  • If your teeth shift due to non-compliance with retainer wear, an additional fee will apply.