At Premier Orthodontics, we’re not just aligned with the future; we’re defining it. Our practice is revolutionizing your orthodontic experience with a fully integrated digital approach, ensuring convenience and efficiency every step of the way. From digital contracts to remote patient form submissions, we emphasize ease and accessibility, mirroring the one-click convenience of Amazon.

Digital Precision, Personalized Care

Our suite of digital orthodontic services includes state-of-the-art digital X-rays and bespoke 3D-printed aligners, reflecting our commitment to precision and personalization. With over 95% of our office workflow digitized, we’re setting the standard for modern, technology-driven orthodontic care in Redmond, WA.

Flexible Financial Solutions at Your Fingertips

Finances shouldn’t stand in the way of your perfect smile. That’s why we offer digitized financial plans that are as flexible as our payment options. Whether you prefer a higher or lower monthly payment, our digital finance system is designed to accommodate your budget with ease.

Innovative Comfort with Dental Pain Eraser

Experience relief like never before with our Dental Pain Eraser. This innovative solution is part of our in-office trial modules, allowing you to test the future of pain management. If it’s a fit for you, it’s available as an add-on service, ensuring that comfort is always within reach.

Leading-edge Intraoral Scanning with Itero

Every patient journey at Premier Orthodontics includes a comprehensive digital scan using the Itero intraoral scanner. This cutting-edge technology provides a detailed view of your oral landscape, allowing for treatments that are tailored to the millimeter, ensuring impeccable results.

Discover the Premier Orthodontics Difference

Navigate through our extensive digital offerings and learn more about how our advanced digital technology is transforming the orthodontic experience. Our commitment to digital excellence ensures that you receive the highest quality care in the most efficient and comfortable manner possible.

Join us at Premier Orthodontics, where innovation meets patient-centric care. Visit our website to explore the full spectrum of our digital orthodontic services and start your journey to a perfect smile today.