• October 17, 2017

    Would I be a candidate for clear braces?

    Yes, most patients will be able to get clear braces. However, clear braces have their pros and cons comparing to metal braces.

    Clear braces are definitely more aesthetic, comparing to metal braces. They do blend in with natural teeth color very well.

    However the downside about getting clear braces is that they tend to move teeth slower comparing to conventional metal braces.

    Because of the material itself, teeth tend to move slower with clear braces.

    Also clear braces tend to be more brittle than metal braces, meaning the portion of the bracket may break during the treatment, requiring replacement of the bracket or causing issues when colors are placed.

    With clear braces, we can move teeth with decent speed—but not as efficient as metal braces. Thus if your teeth require complex movement and you want to get orthodontic treatment done fast, you may not be an ideal candidate for clear braces.

    However, in most cases, clear braces will be a nice esthetic option if you don’t want metallic smile for years.

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