• January 9, 2018

    When you get your retainers – By Vanessa

    Part 1

    Once you are ready to get braces taken off, you will get retainers. Removable retainers can be made of clear plastic material or hardened plastic material with wires. Retainers help to prevent your teeth from moving back when the braces are taken off. Patients tend to lose or break their retainers often because they misplace them, accidentally throw them away, or they may place them where the dogs can easily find them– Uh oh! Retainers are considered perfect chew toys for dogs– kind of expensive though.

    Whenever you are eating please don’t wrap the retainers on a piece of napkin!! Highly likely you may throw away your retainers with the trash at the end of your meal. That’s one of the most common mistakes patients make. Always put them inside the retainer box that was given to you.

    To be continued…

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