• March 22, 2018


    If you have animals—especially dogs, cats and pigs—in the house, make sure you keep your retainers inside the retainer box or at least a safe place—where your pets can’t access. Since retainers are made of plastic materials, it reminds them of their chew toys. Pets will start chewing, nibbling and playing with them—leading to a partial/total destruction. Retainers are customized to your teeth so a small tweak in the wire or plastic will not fit or fit in a wrong way, moving your teeth in an unwanted direction. I’m sorry, but you will have to say bye-bye to your retainers! If so, you would need to call your orthodontic office immediately to have new retainers since now it’s your responsibility to keep your teeth in a great condition after after the braces are removed. As said, retainers need to be worn lifetime!

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