• September 4, 2019

    What is Phase I (Early) treatment? Does my child need Phase II once they had Phase I treatment?

    Phase I treatment is an orthodontic treatment we start on younger children who still have baby teeth. When your child comes in as early as seven for an orthodontic consultation, we check how your child’s teeth are coming in and how your child is growing. When we do see a red flag with teeth eruption, growth, or bite; we do recommend you start your child’s orthodontic treatment early on. Early treatment is done so we can modify growth and minimize or prevent further damage.

    The benefits of Phase I orthodontic treatment is with younger patients, we can modify their growth pattern to our advantage as their bones are softer. In addition, when we do see significant bite issues we can start the treatment early on so further damage can be minimized or prevented.

    Not all kids need Phase I orthodontic treatment. If we find your child does not need Phase I treatment immediately, they enter into our recall system – meaning we will see them every 6-12 months to monitor growth and guidance to evaluate if or when there might be a necessity to enter Phase I or Phase II treatment. This will enable us to start the treatment at the best timing to minimize the duration for your child’s orthodontic treatment.

    The majority of kids who had Phase I treatment will still need Phase II (comprehensive) orthodontic treatment, as not all adult teeth were in their mouth during Phase I. Moreover, Phase I does not correct the bite, but more focuses on taking care of the urgent needs during the Early treatment.

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