On the day your braces are placed...

After you get home.

  • Please be aware that it takes 24 hours for the glue we placed on the bracket to be 100 % effective.
  • Be extra careful during the first 24 hours, and if any brackets come out give us a call.
  • If the brackets poke your inner side of your mouth, please place wax and massage it into the bracket contour.
  • If any wire pokes, don’t worry give us a call. We will help you over the phone.

List of Foods to Avoid:

Any sticky/ hard food should be avoided. Use your best Judgement!

Caramel, Toffee, Skittles, Popcorn, Ice, Beef Jerky, Hard Candies, Carrot, Celery, Nuts, Pizza Crust, Chips, Huge Piece of Meat, Apple, Cucumber etc.

Foods that are OK to eat: Anything that’s soft!

Milk Shake, Soup, Completely boiled carrots, Mashed Potato, Meat Ball, Noodles, Ice cream without nuts, Banana, Salmon, Rice, Crab Cake, Soft/Tenderized Cooked Meats cut into pieces etc.