• October 5, 2017

    Food Blog
    by Vanessa

    One thing that catches people’s attention when they are looking around to get braces are the types of foods that they can or can’t eat with them. You can still have some of your favorite foods, but you have to be careful on what you choose to eat. The brackets are glued on to the teeth so they can pop off depending on what you eat. Avoid eating things that are solid, hard, sticky, crunchy and chewy foods. For example, biting on carrots, apples, ice, chips, taffy or caramel may end up breaking your bracket or bending the wire. Before eating, think twice about what you can eat.

    There are many things that you can still eat and still be able to enjoy such as muffins (no hard whole nuts), ice cream, soft cookies, mash potatoes, pancakes, soft meats like chicken, salmon, and fish. Eat soft foods so that you can avoid coming to the clinic for an emergency appointment. So remember— avoid the hard foods and enjoy the soft foods!

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