• October 3, 2019

    Does Orthodontic Treatment just straighten my teeth?

    Answer: No, it does so much more.

    Many people have this idea that orthodontics is just about the cosmetic appearance. While it does have the benefit of giving a very nice esthetic look, it has several other benefits as well.

    While straightening teeth is a basic component to treatment, an Orthodontist not only does that but also takes great care to treat the patient’s bite, which leads to improving overall oral health as a whole. Correcting the bite enhances the function and longevity of a patient’s teeth, gums and bone.

    Of course, all Orthodontists can have slightly different tools to accomplish the overall goal based on their experience and training. With this being said, you could expect to receive a slightly different plan or approach to your overall treatment based on those circumstances.

    To sum up, never assume that orthodontics is just about straightening teeth. It’s about correcting and improving oral health by giving the best esthetic bite possible. Think of it like putting together the pieces of a puzzle to fit just right- that’s what a great Orthodontist will work to do. They will align your upper and lower teeth, but give you the best functional and esthetic result possible. Anyone can straighten teeth if they know the basics. A skilled Orthodontist will work hard to go above and beyond the cosmetic aspect.

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