• December 6, 2017

    Avoid Emergency Appointments
    By Vanessa M.

    When you have braces on for the first time you may feel every discomforts may be emergencies, but sometimes that may not be the case. There are so many ways to avoid coming into the clinic by learning a couple of tricks that you can do at home.

    First of all, your mouth will take some time to get used to having braces on. The brackets will rub inside your cheeks and lips. The brackets may irritate your mucosa (mouth skin) causing it to feel sore. The wax that we provide to the patients is used to prevent that from happening. Once you feel like the bracket is making your lips or cheek irritated, use the wax right away. You will need to take it off when you eat, but don’t forget to put them on right away. You will have to place the wax for couple of days so that you can give some time for the mucosa to heal.

    In addition, you might run into wire poking situation. Because your teeth are straightening, the wire tend to get longer at the early stage of braces. Sometimes, the wire tend to shift as well. To prevent the wire from poking you, you can use wax and roll it into a little ball and place it on there. Also, you can actually use your thumb nailbed to push it to the other side. Hope this blog helps you. Happy Holidays!

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