Office Tour

Premier Orthodontics is a state-of-the art clinic. Our theme is inspired by the Apple store and created as an all MAC, white, modern, high-tech office. Even though our clinic has that modern look, we also decided to combine it with an “Under The Water” feel to it. The clinic is an Under The Water theme 365 days out of the year, but we recently introduced something new to our office. We decided to do something creative for our patients which is having different themes every month that patients can participate in. For example in August, we decided to bring summer into our clinic and created a “Hawaiian Theme.”Our patients are able to come in to their appointment and be able to express themselves in a fun way by wearing something involving the theme. Also, they get to win extra Probucks and be able to get something out of our toy tower, which has toys for kids and gift cards for adults! If you want to have a high-technology dedicated orthodontic team for you or your child, please call or email us to schedule a free consultation.